Adipose Derived Stromal Cells

During these last years the statute of fat tissue evolved. Initially considered as a simple organ of storage whose excess of development is a cause of obesity and associated metabolic diseases, it is in fact a genuine endocrine tissue (secreting hormones) which plays a crucial role in a wide range of procedures of the organism.

Many research works also highlighted that the fat tissue is an abundant source of cells having therapeutic properties, the mesenchymal stromal cells. These cells, which can be found in many tissues, have immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and angiogenic properties. They are also able to help with tissue repair, either directly, or indirectly by secreting molecules or while releasing micro-vesicles.

This is why Cell-Easy decided to produce them in large-scale according to the Good Manufacturing Practices and to make an accessible cellular medication of it so that the physicians can carry out clinical trials and find the best way of using them.